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Santorini Smile Teeth Whitening System



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Santorini Smile™ Teeth Whitening System

This medically designed product using dental grade ingredients delivers real results. The teeth whitening kit is extremely effective against all forms of teeth yellowing from intrinsic stains such as coffee, red wine, smoking to tetracycline pigmentation, dental fluorosis and other kinds of yellowing.

Our ready to use LED light speeds up the whitening process to 10 mins. Our system is so simple to use that you can watch TV, read a book or even do some house work during the treatment.

Our organic and natural product is an ideal teeth whitening treatment that is clinically tested to simply out perform others.

Santorini Smile™ Teeth Whitening System is a 9 day teeth whitening course. Refill kits are also available online. We recommend using the whitening gels for 9 consecutive days in the following order for optimum results:
Days 1 to 3 – Use the Exotic Natural Formula Syringe 
Days 4 to 6 – Use the 18% Hydrogen Peroxide Syringe 
Days 7 to 9 – Use the 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Syringe